23/6-1/7/2012. Downriver worlds championships in La Plagne (FRA).20/5/2011. Augsburg 2011 world sprint championships.8-13/6/2010. Sort 2010 world championships.6/7/2010. Wildwater expedition in Buochs (Switzerland).8/3/2010. Another historical video.21-28/6/2009. Alessandro Leonori at the WW Europeans 2009.27/4/2009. The past.28-29/3/2009. International competitions on Enza river.26/1/2009. Snow, snow, snow at Idroscalo lake!30-31/8/2008. A successful expedition in Erstfeld (SUI).



Nicola Gesualdi at the national sprint race in Policastro (30 march 2013)

Samanta Besati at national sprint race in Pescantina (8 july 2012)

team Cibra-Marchi-Leonori at Italian Master champs in Pescantina (8 july 2012)

Dario Marchi at regional sprint championships on Brembo river (29 april 2012)

paddling on Moesa river (SUI) in autumn (16 october 2012)

paddling on Moesa river (SUI) in autumn (9 november 2011)

Alessandro Leonori tests Milvian Bridge sprint course in Rome (25 june 2010)

Gian Piero Rossi and Alessandro Leonori at Terra dei Forti marathon (16 october 2011)

Federico Riboldi at Calolzio-Brivio race (24 october 2010)

Alessandro Leonori in Sort (Spain), world master championships (12 june 2010) 

Alessandro Leonori at Vobarno sprint race (10 april 2005)

Debora de Pasquale on Trebbia river (2003)

Alessandro Leonori, Lorenzo Molinari and Gianpiero Rossi in team at the Swiss Champs on Urnerreuss river (31 august 2008)

Debora de Pasquale at Brivio (23 october 2005)

Alessandro Leonori gold medal in Terni (8 october 2006)

Alessandro Leonori and Claudio Tacconi (CC Perugia) in Terni (8 october 2006)

Alessandro Leonori at Pontevalleceppi (Perugia) (april 2003)

Alessandro Leonori on Trebbia river (1 may 2005)

Alessandro Leonori on Nera river, central Italy (2001)