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23/6-1/7/2012. Downriver worlds championships in La Plagne (FRA).

Alessandro Leonori will join Italian national team as a cameraman.

20/5/2011. Augsburg 2011 world sprint championships.

Alessandro Leonori official cameraman for the Italian Team.

8-13/6/2010. Sort 2010 world championships.

Alessandro Leonori filmed all races in Spain.

6/7/2010. Wildwater expedition in Buochs (Switzerland).

Alessandro Leonori and Dario Marchi train on Engelbergeraa river.

8/3/2010. Another historical video.

Our athletes train on upper Adda river, June 1982!

21-28/6/2009. Alessandro Leonori at the WW Europeans 2009.

He worked again as a cameraman for the Italian National Team in Valtellina (ITA).

27/4/2009. The past.

Our kayak school in this historical video dated 1993!

28-29/3/2009. International competitions on Enza river.

Pellegrini-Leonori-Riva were there.

26/1/2009. Snow, snow, snow at Idroscalo lake!

Nice pics of this freezing winter.

30-31/8/2008. A successful expedition in Erstfeld (SUI).

2 silvers e 2 bronzes among Masters. Molinari/Leonori/Rossi raced also in team.