23/6-1/7/2012. Downriver worlds championships in La Plagne (FRA).

Alessandro Leonori will join Italian national team as a cameraman.

Alessandro has been hired by the Italian Canoeing Federation to film downriver world champs in La Plagne (FRA), on Isere river (official website and race program): he will travel with the Italian national team directed by Robert Pontarollo. Alessandro will also take part, as an athlete, to the Masters World Cup, that will be held on Friday June 29th on the same venue of the Senior worlds. Downriver racing, a highly spectacular discipline, sadly is not usually covered by large TV stations. Thanks to this collaboration, you can follow, day by day, training sessions, interviews, races. Normally, videos are published the day after film recordings are made.

Just visit WildWater TV Italia's dedicated page, following this link. Enjoy!


20/5/2011. Augsburg 2011 world sprint championships.

Alessandro Leonori official cameraman for the Italian Team.

Fro June 6th to 13th the Italian wildwater team will be in Augsburg (GER) for the first world sprint championships (official website) on the very technical Eiskanal race venue, which has been home to countless international slalom canoeing events. Alessandro, with his cameras, will join the team directed by the coach Robert Pontarollo. Until last year, downriver world championships (classic+sprint) were held every 2 years (recently, the years with even numbers): now the only-sprint worlds have been added, to be held in the years with odd numbers. The aim is to further promote this spectacular canoeing discipline, and possibly make it gain the status of Olympic sport.

Day by day, Alessandro will publish his videos with training, interviews, races, on  WildWater TV Italia  website. Organizers are also preparing a "web-live-streaming" broadcast of the races, in which Alessandro himself will be involved as a camaraman.

So, let's follow the Augsburg 2011 sprint worlds, visiting this page, dedicated to the event.


8-13/6/2010. Sort 2010 world championships.

Alessandro Leonori filmed all races in Spain.

Alessandro Leonori worked as a cameraman for the Italian Canoeing Federation and filmed the worlds in Sort (Spain), June 8 to 13 (official website). Watch our dedicated page with pictures and video directory.


6/7/2010. Wildwater expedition in Buochs (Switzerland).

Alessandro Leonori and Dario Marchi train on Engelbergeraa river.

They left Milan at 6am. Once arrived there, they have been welcomed by a typical summer shower, with only 18C, then the meteo improved and the sun arrived. They have made 4 descents of 8,75Km each, a total of 34 Km. Watch the pictures and a nice video, and read the report.


8/3/2010. Another historical video.

Our athletes train on upper Adda river, June 1982!

Find this old footage in our video of our competitors page.


21-28/6/2009. Alessandro Leonori at the WW Europeans 2009.

He worked again as a cameraman for the Italian National Team in Valtellina (ITA).

Alessandro Leonori has been hired again as a cameraman by the Italian Canoeing Federation for European Championships in Valtellina (ITA), on the magnificent and difficult Adda river on late June. He worked side by side with Italian coach and retired champion Robert Pontarollo. Read more on this dedicated page.


27/4/2009. The past.

Our kayak school in this historical video dated 1993!

Our director Paolo Pescalli and our instructor Debora Depasquale can be watched on duty in this 31'48" long documentary, dated summer 1993, that you can watch here in its original version (no cuts, no editing)! Just click on the image below to start playing.


28-29/3/2009. International competitions on Enza river.

Pellegrini-Leonori-Riva were there.

On saturday 28 and sunday 29 March we took part respectively to the 7th edition of the sprint race and to the 47th edition of the classic race in Vetto d'Enza (Reggio Emilia, Italy). Saturday sprint race was on a very short venue with a record low water level, then the abundant rainfalls during the night and the following day resulted in a completely different river, much more technical and challenging,  for the classic race. We publish the first pictures (Paolo Pellegrini in action, Alessandro Leonori cameraman immediately after his race, Ilaria Riva spectator, respectively). A video of the sprint race has just been published, and a video dedicated to our competitors in action is also online. (Click on the pictures to open a dedicated page in Italian)


26/1/2009. Snow, snow, snow at Idroscalo lake!

Nice pics of this freezing winter.

Many many years have passed since we saw a snow like this at Idroscalo lake. Watch a selection of nice pictures (page in Italian).


30-31/8/2008. A successful expedition in Erstfeld (SUI).

2 silvers e 2 bronzes among Masters. Molinari/Leonori/Rossi raced also in team.

Our second wildwater expedition in Erstfeld (SUI) Urnerreuss river, with Alessandro Leonori, Gianpiero Rossi and, for the first time after many years, Lorenzo Molinari, was successful: 2 silver medals for Molinari and 2 bronzes for Leonori. It was a hard challenge between Lorenzo and Alessandro: the first prevailed, this time, with his big wildwater experience (156 rivers paddled all over the world, up to class VI), with 1"15 distance in the classic race and 0,96 seconds (1st+2nd run) in the sprint race. Good performance also from Gianpiero Rossi, 4th in both races. The trio raced also in team, in classic race and, first italians non professionals ever, in the sprint team race, not yet introduced in Italy by the federation.

Read more on our dedicated page.


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