23/6-1/7/2012. Downriver worlds championships in La Plagne (FRA).20/5/2011. Augsburg 2011 world sprint championships.8-13/6/2010. Sort 2010 world championships.6/7/2010. Wildwater expedition in Buochs (Switzerland).8/3/2010. Another historical video.21-28/6/2009. Alessandro Leonori at the WW Europeans 2009.27/4/2009. The past.28-29/3/2009. International competitions on Enza river.26/1/2009. Snow, snow, snow at Idroscalo lake!30-31/8/2008. A successful expedition in Erstfeld (SUI).



How it works

The object of Wildwater racing is to demonstrate a competitorís mastery of his boat in fast moving white water, while running a prescribed course in the shortest possible time. Races considered to be Wild Water are those held from a point upriver to a point downriver. A river can be one that is natural, modified or artificial. The course must be from a point upstream to one downstream. The course must be navigable for its entire length, always allowing easy passage for the boat. Two course types are possible: Wildwater Sprint Race and Wildwater Classic Race. The spectator-friendly Sprint Course can vary from 400m to 800m (lasts normally 1 to 2 minutes). The starts are individual type. Results will be determined by adding the times of the two runs. The Classic Wildwater course is less than 30 minutes. The starts are individual type, and/or Team (3 competitors).


All types of K1: length 4.50m maximum width of hull 0.60 m minimum, max 11 Kg

All types of C1: length 4.30m maximum width of hull 0.70 m minimum, max 12 Kg

All types of C2: length 5.00m maximum width of hull 0.80 m minimum, max 18 Kg

from ICF Wildwater Committee website