23/6-1/7/2012. Downriver worlds championships in La Plagne (FRA).20/5/2011. Augsburg 2011 world sprint championships.8-13/6/2010. Sort 2010 world championships.6/7/2010. Wildwater expedition in Buochs (Switzerland).8/3/2010. Another historical video.21-28/6/2009. Alessandro Leonori at the WW Europeans 2009.27/4/2009. The past.28-29/3/2009. International competitions on Enza river.26/1/2009. Snow, snow, snow at Idroscalo lake!30-31/8/2008. A successful expedition in Erstfeld (SUI).



Historical video: Eric, Angelo e Paolo - paddling on Scavizzolo river




Historical video: Eric, Angelo e Paolo - hydrospeed on Trebbia river




Historical video: Paolo Pescalli at Idroscalo lake, by Erick Fricker and Angelo Franzini

november 1990



CusMilanoCanoa wildwater team in Ferentillo (Terni, central Italy), Nera river, for the national sprint races and the Master Italian championships in classic race (full article in Italian).

20-21 july 2013



Alessandro Leonori in a playboat, with Giuseppe Coduri (CUS Pavia) in C1 slalom and Luca Panziera (CC Pescantina) in K1 slalom, get fun on Moesa river (Switzerland).

8 july 2013



Marco Sara racing at inter-regional and Italian Master champos in Subiaco, Aniene river (full article in Italian).

6-7 july 2013



Antonio Gesualdi and Alessandro Leonori training on Brembo river in flood, level 290 (full story in Italian).

27-28 april 2013



Alessandro Leonori competing at the sprint national races in Valstagna, Brenta river (full story in Italian).

13 april 2013



Cine-party at our club with the Italian downriver national team (full story in Italian).

2 february 2013



Alessandro Leonori in downriver K1 appears (green kayak, red t-shirt) in footage from a professional drone in Valstagna.

7 august 2012



"Un mercoledý da canoisti": afternoon adventure on Sesia river, with Antonio Franchini, Alessandro Leonori, Lorenzo Molinari and Marco Sara (full article in Italian).

30 may 2012



The team Cibra-Marchi-Riboldi at the finish line of Master champs in Pescantina, Adige river.

8 july 2012



Gian Piero Rossi and his K1-camera at Lodi team sprint race, Adda river.

10 june 2012



Alessandro Leonori's triple test of Augsburg (Germany) artificial sprint course during 2011 world championships.

8 june 2011




promo-video 2011



Paddling on Moesa (Canton of Ticino, Switzerland) in autumn.

9 november 2011



Paddling on Moesa (Canton of Ticino, Switzerland) in autumn: ENTIRE DESCENT (no cuts, no audio)

9 november 2011



CusMilanoCanoa competitors at Enza downriver races.

9-10 april 2011



CUS Milano's "gipsies" in action in Valstagna, Brenta river, for the Italian national races.

11-12 september 2010



Alessandro Leonori racing on sprint 2nd run at the Italian w.w. championships on Dora Baltea river in Villeneuve (Aosta).

31 july 2010



Luca Panziera training with Alessandro Leonori on Moesa river (Switzerland)

15 july 2010



Alessandro Leonori and Dario Marchi train in Buochs (Switzerland) on Engelbergeraa river

6 july 2010



our athletes at the Italian classic race Master Championships in Cuneo, Gesso river

22-23 may 2010



Historical video: CUS Milano athletes experiencing the upper Adda river rapids

june 1982



Alessandro Leonori training in kayak+bike in Boffetto (Valtellina, Italy), Adda river (Italian page)

28 june 2009



Italian Master championships in Valstagna Brenta river: team race finish with: Leonori-Pellegrini-Molinari. Alessandro Leonori at individual classic race. Ilaria Riva at prize giving.

2 august 2009



our competitors at the Master Italian championships in Valstagna, Brenta river

2 august 2009



Paolo Pellegrini is awarded with a gold medal (500m race) at the regional Master flatwater championships in Mantova

28 june 2009



Alessandro Leonori trying the venue shortly before the national classic race on Gesso river (Cuneo)

24 may 2009



Ilaria Riva at the national Sprint in Valstagna, Brenta river

16 may 2009



Historical video: CUS Milano kayak school

summer 1993



Cus Milano Wildwater Team takes part to the Italian marathon championships "Vigevano-Pavia"

5 april 2009



our competitors Alessandro Leonori, Paolo Pellegrini and Ilaria Riva at Enza international Sprint race

28 march 2009



Maratona Terra dei Forti, Pescantina (Verona), Ilaria Riva awarded with bronze medal in K1 Senior flatwater women

19 october 2008



Alessandro Leonori tests several times the World Cup sprint course in Lofer (AUT), Saalach river

15-16 june 2008



Alessandro Leonori at the finish line of the Master Worlds classic race in Ivrea (Italy), Dora Baltea river

2 june 2008



our competitors in Sacile, Livenza river, north east Italy, for sprint and classic national races

26-27 april 2008



Paolo Pellegrini competing at the sprint national race, first qualifications for 2008 WW Championships, in Ivrea (click on "FULL" to view full screen)

19 april 2008

Watch full video of this race on WildWater TV Italia.



Paolo Pellegrini, Gianpiero Rossi, Ilaria Riva and Alessandro Leonori at Enza wildwater races (click on "FULL" to view full screen)

29 march 2008




Alessandro Leonori training in Erstfeld (Switzerland)

6 october 2007


kayak and eskimo lessons at Idroscalo lake

may 2007


Ilaria Riva at the national sprint race on Stura di Demonte river

26 may 2007



CUS Milano competitors at the national sprint race on Trebbia river

28 april 2007